Which Cannabis Strain Is Right For Me? Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid

Cannabis plants are referred to as Cannabis indicia or Cannabis sativa or called the hybrid of indicia and sativa. Based on this, we come to know the effects of the plant on people. The greatest surprising factor is that there around 780 cannabis strains and new and unique ones are being developed every year. These are the strains you can find on 420 Sunset or some dispensary store as Yoda, Grand Daddy Purp, and the list goes on. If you are leso on time then have a look at the next few points to get the basic difference.

  • Indica Strains are known commonly for relaxing people. They have got lower THC and higher CBD counts. For nighttime, you should consider using it.
  • Sativa is just the opposite of Indica having an energizing area, lower CBD and higher THC counts. It’s a good choice for daytime use.
  • Lastly, Hybrid is a combination of the two having a varying percentage.

Heavy Indica

Heavy Indica as the name suggests has got great full body effects which are a high recommendation for people looking for nausea reduction, relaxation, sleep, etc. We have come across various patients who consume heavy Indica strains for meditation in the nighttime.

Clear Indica

Clear Indica is the lighter version for Indica which gives moderate relaxation and pain relief. They don’t give many sedating effects. Same as above these indicate strains are too used for meditation in the nighttime.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

A good cannabis Strain that can deliver relaxing head high and a full body pain relief. Use of Indica Dominant Hybrid whether for daytime or nighttime meditation is used depending on the preference and tolerance of the consumer.

Even Hybrid

Even Hybrid strains are a lot commonly used among people for alleviating headaches, Strain and even depression. The best part is that these cannabis strains can be used at any time of the days. It’s all at the preference and tolerance of the consumer.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

This cannabis Strain can result in relaxing body effect with cerebral high. The patients have experienced clearheaded mental and physical relief along with calmness.

Heavy Sita

Heavy Sita suits well to the people who are looking for body relief with high head effect. These cannabis strains will help the patients to cure anxiety and depression and improve the focus. We recommend using them during the daytime.

Clear Sativa

If you are a patient looking for good mental effects but very little to negligible physical effects then go for Clear Sativa. They will help your depression, chronic pain, nausea, etc.


We hope that this post would have helped you to know the differences between some of the main cannabis strains that you as a consumer can consume.