Watermelon Live Resin


Watermelon Live Resins are mouthwatering like watermelon. These resins are extracted by BHO extraction techniques. This is the reason, they capture the most possible cannabinoids and terpenes. Hence, they get their exclusive Watermelon strain. Sun Set professionals are highly skilled to preserve the Terpene while creating their premium live resin. This great product is good to have with family and loved ones. Why go so far? Bring one pack and try its aroma!

$480.00 $350.00


5 GRAMSĀ  Live Resin by Sun Set are extracted by efficient and most advanced techniques. These mouthwatering aromatic resins are not only good to give you unique flavour. They are preserved with Terpene and capture the most possible cannabinoids. So, you can feel their aroma around, whenever using them. Smoke them in bong or a pipe, and feel high. They are equally effective to relieve the pain, stress, and anxiety. Bring their unique packaging preserved with amazing aroma and smell.


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