Abusive OG (Hybrid)


It is not according to its name. This Abusive OG is indeed very mellowing in qualities. It is a great example of an OG Kush phenotype. It tastes like pine, lemon, and fuel. The nugs are dense and covered in trichomes with orange pistils. They have great healing properties, hence some patients find it great for relieving anxiety. Having THC around 24%, and CBD 04%; it creates body buzz for around an hour.

$310.00 $260.00


Hybrid Weed Strains by Sun Set are known for great cross-breeding between well-known Marijuana varieties. These world-popular strains are good for medicinal and relaxing purposes as well. Bring them at a reasonable price to try their unique aroma and strong exhilarating buzz. Available as many hybrid packs of American, and regional strains, there are different packs for different uses during day or night. Appearing stunning in colors and trichotome, they are great to grow outdoors and indoors as well. Feel their unique effects, by trying once!


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