Make the Most Out Of Your Cannabis Purchases with These 6 Tips

It’s not that easy but there are actually few tips that you can implement to get the most out of your cannabis purchases. Some of us or I should say most of us come across a situation when we are left with no more cannabis to consume. In this blog post, we are going to post some exclusive tips that can help your product to last longer and alter your habit as well so that your wallet becomes a little fatter.

1) Get Your Product in Bulk & Distribute It Evenly Across the Next Few Days

  • Buying your weed product in bulk can help you to actually cut down cost by a few lots.
  • After that, you can evenly distribute your product that could last to almost 2 weeks.
  •  It’s important to know that you may end up consuming it a little earlier too resulting in stock out so decide accordingly  as  per your situation

2) Concentrate on Glassware

  • If you want to consume less joint and still satisfy your satisfaction to the fullest you can go for Glassware.
  • Some people refer to it as a good best friend. A little pipe would cost around $15.
  •  Trust me, Glassware is a good choice as it’s a lot easy to clean and it’s used a lot less as compared to a blunt or joint

3) Don’t Smoke Too Many Joints or Blunts

  • If you get to consume too much of joints or blunts, you will land upon marks with your pockets slowly and slowly getting lighter and lighter.
  • So don’t just go behind addiction and instead buy in a way that it’s feasible and efficient from all the sides

4) Don’t Be Too Friendly Sharing With Everyone!

  • We are not saying you to boycott your friends when it comes to smoking or enjoying the stuff but we are just staying you, do not always cater to people who come with empty hands or empty pockets.
  • With each passing day, Cannabis gets pricey whether it is from a dispensary or online store.
  • Still, you would get a little cheaper in the online world as compared to some dispensary store.
  • Anyways, coming back to the topic. The main thing is to plan your day in such a way that your product lasts a little longer.
  • You have to be a little strategic by of course consuming less as compared to before. If you always plan out for a personal bowl but end up with multiple turns of bowls then you will only turn out to be a lot less effective.
  • Treat Cannabis just like a tasty and delicious Pizza slice which you would hesitate a lot to share with anyone else unless you are getting something in trade or something similar like that. Hope you got there!


We hope that this post helped you gain some effective tips on saving up the next time for your weed products purchases