How to properly drying and curing your Marijuana

With a lot of hard work, you have finally managed to harvest your crop that you can’t wait to try! Before proceeding with anything, the first important step is to dry them. It’s very important to go systematic wise for better results instead of just rushing things.

Learn To Dry & Cure Cannabis:

There are various methods for the cure of Cannabis buds but the most common one among the public is a variation. There are ways like water cure, freeze dry, etc but we are going to stick with the most effective and easiest way to get things done at cost.

The Starting Cannabis Drying

This step will depend mainly on the way you actually harvest the Cannabis. You should start off by cutting 12-16 branches from the plants. Proceed by getting rid of unwanted leaves and finally hanging the branches using a wire.

Once you have done the things mentioned in above paragraph, you will come across that the growers get cut and hand the whole plants whereas others just snip some buds from the branches and get placed on the Cannabis drying racks. We recommend you to completely manicure the flowers before you begin to the drying process.

It doesn’t matter, what method you prefer, you will have to surely store your harvested crop in a completely dark room (Humidity – 40-50% & Temperatures – 60-70F) and a small fan for a little ventilation of air. This quite an important step as you will have to preserve the taste and aroma of your crop. Make sure you do the necessary arrangements if required additional also to keep things balanced. As per our experiments, we can conclude that the initial drying will take around 5-15 days to completely end.

Last Procedure: Cannabis Cure!!

Once you have completed your Cannabis buds drying, it’s time to head to cure.

  • If you haven’t, then make sure that you manicure and separate the buds from branches for sure.
  • Once you have got your trimmed buds, place it in an airtight container. You are free to use any type of jar whether plastic, metal, ceramic, etc. We recommend you to go with the most commonly used one, wide mouth quart size canning jars.
  • Proceed by sealing the containers and putting them in a dark and cool place to give an end to the curing process. Make sure that you don’t overdry the Cannabis.
  • In the initial week, don’t forget to open the containers once in a while and let the flowers have some fresh air. It’s good to step to avoid the moisture that gets present. Once the first week passes by, you can chill a little and just open containers once or twice every few days.
  • Finally, after 2-3 weeks, we can conclude that your Cannabis would be in a good condition. If you can wait for at least a month time, then that would be the best as the more time will result in better curing.


We hope that this post helped you to learn to dry and cure Cannabis easily and effectively. Click Here