Do you Ship Internationally ?

Itmaysoundalittleimpossiblebutduetoagreatteamweareabletoachievetheinternational deliveryofourweedproducts.Webelieveincateringpatientsandcustomersfromdifferentcornersoftheworld.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

If you have for any kinda of queries related to anything then you can directly reach out to us using our contact number or other appropriate method

How do I track my order ?

We will provide you the appropriate tracking details once your order is shipped from outside. This way you will be able to track your order easily on time..

How can I cancel or change my order ?

If you want to change your order or cancel it, it’s not that easy especially after we have shipped your order. So in this case we recommend you to immediately reach out to us the moment you come to know that you have to cancel or change a order.

How can I return a product

If any product is less in quantity than mentioned or if it’s broken or delivered in a unsealed condition then you can request us for a return and our agent will assist youfurther

How long will it take to get my package ?


What Shipping methods are available ?

We will select the best shipping method for you. If you want to make any changes or want tohave some special requests then kindly contact us with the order details that you want to purchase

Do you provide any warranty ?

We don’t provide any kind of warranty on the weed products as they are natural in nature. Still if you don’t find correct products or hampered order then you have right for refund or exchange

Do you have replacement guarantee ?

If our product doesn’t match the order details that you shared with us while placing your order or if your order seems to be in a bad condition then we areready for replacement

Is it safe to buy Weed online?

Many people are already buying weed online and it has become a popular form of buying than visiting the regular dispensary. Online you can find the high-quality products listed which come packaged in good condition to last easily. We take all the measures from our side so that your item gets delivered successfully

How Do I Make Payment For My Order

We accept all the major forms of payment methods including debit, credit card, and wire transfer too.

Who all can make a purchase from the website?

We are open to all the people of age 19 or above. We are very strict that we will never sell any of our products to any minor in any case. We use advanced and latest transport technology with the best manpower.

Can I order different amount than what's listed on the site?

No, we sell only on the rate that is listed against each product on our website. If you have special requirements for products like in bulk then you can reach out to us.

Can I trust your site?

We have been serving this industry from a long time and we have a lot of working professionals that have helped thousands of people to buy Weed safely online.

Your pricing seems a bit on the high side, is the stuff as good as it costs?

On the Internet, you can find a lot of products at a lower price but they may not seem to be of good quality. Our prices may seem to be a little high than the average market price but even our quality would be quite high compared to those low-cost products

Do you offer free shipping ?

Yes, we have certain rules when it comes to charged shipping and free shipping. We recommend you to go over to our other appropriate page to gain complete knowledge on this matter.

I have a coupon code, how does it work ?

There are certain promo codes or coupon codes that you have to enter on the order or cart page to receive the special promo or discount. Do note that you can’t combine multiple coupon codes. One can avail maximum one at a time.

Do I need a Marijuana Card ?

Not at all! Slowly different states are realizing the importance of Cannabis which is making things more and more simpler day by day. To get your weed products, you can directly register on our website and order it! We may also provide you a doctor prescription for weed.

How does Shipping work ?

We follow the systematic shipping system. The order arrives at our branches in normal form and then we make proper packaging arrangements and ship it the same or maximum the next day after the revival of order. Normally, it takes 4-6 working days for the order to get delivered.

Tracking says my package has been successfully delivered but no package arrived ?

This can be due to the technical issue in the online system or it can be a manual fault of the workers too. In some cases, there can be clearance issues which may cause the message to appear up. If this is the case then we recommend you to immediately contact our team.

Do you deliver worldwide?

It may sound a little impossible but due to a great team, we are able to achieve the worldwide delivery of our weed products. We believe in catering patients and customers from different corners of the world.