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7 Tips to Easy Hide the Smell of Your Weed Crop

7 Tips to Easy Hide the Smell of Your Weed Crop

Are you tired of paying high prices to buy marijuana online? Well, there is a better alternative! It is always affordable to grow these crops, but growing weeds in your backyards come with a drawback. Yes, I am talking about those pungent odors! Well, we have tips that would help you get rid of this smell. Select varieties of weeds that possess fewer odors Before you Buy cannabis seeds online, look for its properties and […]

which cannabis strain is right for me

Which Cannabis Strain Is Right For Me? Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid

Cannabis plants are referred to as Cannabis indicia or Cannabis sativa or called the hybrid of indicia and sativa. Based on this, we come to know the effects of the plant on people. The greatest surprising factor is that there around 780 cannabis strains and new and unique ones are being developed every year. These are the strains you can find on 420 Sunset or some dispensary store as Yoda, Grand Daddy Purp, and the […]

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