15 Stoner Life Hacks That Will Save the Day

15 Stoner Life Hacks That Will Save the Day

In this blog post, we will be catering to Stoner by providing the best and effective tips for saving the day!

1) Take Help of Black Construction Paper

As per our research, we have come to know that the best and effective way to keep potent for a long time you can keep it by utilizing the black construction paper and putting it in a jar. Black construction paper can act as a good layer for the jar preventing light from entering inside.

2) A Sexy Hack!

If you come across a situation where you urgently need weed but are in lack of a grinder then you will require a penny, pill bottle and rubbing alcohol. The steps to perform the operation are as follows:

  • Start off by cleaning penny using rubbing alcohol.
  • Proceed by drying and once dried, just place all the stuff inside the jar.
  • Shake it as hard as possible
  • That’s it! Enjoy your ride!

3) Honey Is A Good Option!

This hack will come in rescue when you want your burnt to go slower or at the time of just rolling. Just take some honey and you are good to go! The honey will act as holding glue. Cool isn’t it?

4) Keep Match Box Always For Situations!

If you want to get rid of smell then matchboxes can be of quite helpful. This is great stuff when you actually are empty hand and can’t do anything to cover your stench of it.

5) An Empty Plastic Bottle Can Do Wonders!

It’s amazing and a little shocking too but you can actually get to make a waterfall or gravity bong out of an empty plastic bottle. You will surely be getting stoned!

6) Get A Pipe Cleaner!

If you have just stepped into all this and are busy assembling your first Stoner kit then you should consider getting a pipe cleaner. This is a cheap product and will come a lot in handy when there is a need to get rid of the resin from the bowl.

7) Always Have A Frisbee By Side!

It is necessary to easily prevent your favorite weed from falling much into the ground. Frisbee comes to a lot beneficial at the moment of rolling blunts or joints.

15 Stoner Life Hacks That Will Save the Day

8) Change Your Timings!

If you are into losing weight, then start to consume your products during the mealtime. Just change the smoking schedule.

9) Consume Your Mints!

If you want to get a quick rid of the temporary then select popping a mint.

10) Get a New Pipe Cleaner

If your old pipe cleaner has got broken, then the combination of a zip-lock, rubbing alcohol, and a little sea salt.

11) Utilize Your CDs:

CDs, especially some old ones lying in your place, can help to cover the bowl while you smoke.

12) Easily Liven Up!

One can easily put in quite a few herbs into a bowl for a delicious flavor!

13) Safely Transport Weeds!

If you don’t want to break your weeds while transferring them then you can keep them safely in bubble wrap.

14) Keep Your Grandparents Cards Safe!

Every holiday season the cards that are sent by your grandparents can actually be used to make makeshift crutches.

15) A Handy Plastic Spoon!

A good plastic spoon like the one from KFC can be used for cleaning the cashed cone.


We hope that this blog post helped you to get some cool and quick Hacks for Stoner! Click hereĀ